How Stenter Works

The working principle of Stenter is basically the same as that of an inkjet printer

The working principle of Stenter is basically the same as that of an inkjet printer. In the process of working, its digital printing is to input the pattern into the computer in digital form, edit and process it through the computer printing color separation system (CAD), and then control the micro-pressing by the computer. The electric inkjet nozzle sprays the special dye solution directly onto the textiles to form the required pattern, and then performs different post-treatments according to the tissue composition of different fabrics, such as drying and fixing. Advantages of this type of printing method: Since the printing process does not require water resources, it will not pollute the environment.

With the development of science and technology, the equipment of digital printing machines is getting better and better and more user-friendly, but no matter how good the machine is, it must be operated and maintained manually. Will the printing master be able to operate it and will it be very good? Commissioning and maintenance will directly determine the printing quality of the customer's products and the service life of the printing machine.

   The domestic gift market has reached 9.8 billion, which has become a popular trend in gifts. Print your own photos or favorite pictures, icons, and text on the gifts to get rid of the gift’s cookie-cutter faces, which can better reflect the value of the gift and the unique ingenuity of the gift giver.

   The domestic home decoration market has reached tens of billions, and personalized home decoration is also quietly popular. Users can print their favorite photos or images on decorative paintings, tiles, furniture, and floors in accordance with their favorite home styles, decorate their homes with their favorite styles, and create a truly personal space of their own.

  Flat Screen Printer A considerable part of the users in the popular mobile phone and digital product market are young and fashionable groups. Printing your own logo on these products is a good embodiment of individuality. Some carry-on items, such as makeup mirrors, lighters, wallets, backpacks, etc., are also a good way for these users to reflect their personalities.

   The rapid development of digital imaging, people are no longer limited to printing their photos on photographic paper. The digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas, etc. The effects and feelings of products printed on different materials are different. People can print their photos on different materials, which enriches the expression and effects of the photos.