The role failed

Also known as the character collapse

The role is unclear. That is, the public or role players are not clear about the behavioral norms of the role. In a period of rapid social and cultural changes, the behavioral norms of many social roles are beyond the scope that people used to be used to. In the course of changes, when a new role appears for the first time, society has not had time to stipulate its rights and obligations, which will also cause unclear roles.It directly conflicts with the behavioral norms required in the first stage. For example, immigrants entering another cultural group cannot continue to play their original role due to changes in objective conditions.

The role is interrupted. Refers to the intermittent phenomenon in which a person in a certain role cannot play the role to the end due to subjective or objective reasons. It may happen because people did not fully prepare for the role obligations to be performed in the later stage when they assumed the role, such as the sudden unemployment of employees; or because of a set of behavioral norms in the previous stage of the role.

The role failed. Also known as the character collapse. Black Superman Costume  This is one of the most serious role disorders. It is a phenomenon in which the role bearer has been proved to be unable to continue to assume or perform the rights and obligations of the role, and has to withdraw from the stage halfway through and give up the original role. Champion of Cosplay 
A repurchase agreement (RP) refers to a standard contract in which a party of the counterparty, when selling financial assets to the other party, promises to buy back the sold financial assets at a fixed price at a certain time in the future.