I meanin New Leaf we didn't even get pumpkin items

I meanin New Leaf we didn't even get pumpkin items

Yeah, honestly this is a super weird change. Why did they create the house smaller? Making it larger would give gamers a reason to use bells, and of Animal Crossing Bells course giving us more space to use!

I think some aspects about Gracie's things were super annoying also. Gracie's items were unorderable. You just collected 100k+ for one seat? Cool, now if you need 3 of those chairs to produce an entire set you have to accumulate 300k+ quickly, because these are seasonal items and you can not order them.Honestly I sort of guess the smaller home size would be to accommodate the entire smaller variety of furniture. Perhaps the idea was that restriction breeds creativity, but I honestly believe they're still just too tiny. There is a whole lot more like small tabletop and wall items as accents but as far as home basics I truly feel like the variety is lacking because all the previous sets are pretty much gone (some are reworked/expanded into new collections or flipped into stand alone items).

Gracie's shop was a bit finnicky due to no catalogue, yeah. I suppose it is very similar to some of the special walls and flooring from Sahara, and the end-of-season earnings were a fun little quirk.

I must say, however, New Horizons has good art direction. So many things are really stunning. There are a number of sets which are tacky in New Leaf but look good or at least decent at New Horizons.

I meanin New Leaf we didn't even get pumpkin items, besides the wearable hats as well as the jack-in-the-box! I am really glad whenever we get these updates, it is really cool to see these items getting back and together with the New Horizons treatment. I can not wait to find out what we're gonna receive in March for Mario items!

I believe two of my greatest disappointments could be my own library and my kitchen. First of all they're far more compact than in New Leaf, therefore I can not do too much. And then there is a lack of items. In New Leaf I'd plenty of buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items food-like things to decorate my kitchen - although to be honest they're from the Welcome Amiibo update.